is a journey through human identity formation and systems of oppression to discover the dimensionality of blackness and being. 

Having been part of so many different systems, there’s always some portion of the self that is repressed, oppressed, or rendered invisible or un-expressed.


Ultimately blackness is the world’s inheritance—regardless of race, sex, gender, ethnicity, nationality, or creed.


For those of us born into black and brown bodies nested within global and parochial systems of oppression designed to devalue our humanity by privileging whiteness, our yearning to re-discover ourselves is palpable.


But if/as one interrogates white supremacy as phenomena of human consciousness, its advent and global diffusion represent mankind disassociating itself from its own history.


Any human journey of self-discovery should really at some point then center the ontology and epistemology of blackness. This is what our genome tells us. When we as a species woke up for the first time it was inside what we would come to call a black body.


The breadth and scope of this collective work aim for the development and expansion of human consciousness by insisting we take courage to imagine the futures we hope to inherit by enacting them in our daily thoughts and lives. This project is not only a black-bodied project this is a human or civilizational project regardless of one’s race or ethnicity.


If we are human, finding a bridge back and forth through the world-historical and path dependent identities of race, gender, sex, nation, self, science, faith, and metaphysics is a challenge for all of us.


Understanding how the mind enacts experiences and recovers from trauma lends us an additional explanatory power when interrogating our respective journeys through white supremacy and other systems of oppression. 


The privileged and the under-privileged, the abuser and the abused, the colonized and the colonizer develop coping mechanisms to survive the effects of inducing trauma and or being the recipient of trauma:


[denial, minimizing, justifying, shame, blaming, projection, dissociation, splitting, rage, guilt, addiction, truth-telling, acceptance, confrontation, healing, forgiveness]


As the victim, en route toward or away from their own healing, toggles through these different coping states, the abuser too (consciously or unconsciously) toggles through similar states en route toward or away from their own healing.


In order for either the victim or the abuser to heal they must journey toward the same point if even from unique and opposing directions.



                                      aims to create art, culture, content, forums, and experiences that move us all toward new spaces of healing and self-discovery.


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